Developing with Objective Pascal


This is a series of short articles for Pascal programmers who want to develop for OS X and/or iOS using Objective Pascal and Xcode 4. Using these tools can be a highly synergistic exercise. Skills learned developing for OS X and Cocoa easily transfer to iOS and Cocoa Touch and vice versa. Knowledge gained working with Xcode 4 and Objective Pascal is useful when developing with Objective C and vice versa. And if you're a cross-platform developer, what you learn working with OS X and iOS might even help you create better apps for other platforms.

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The articles start out with Cocoa development for OS X, then continue with Cocoa Touch and iOS. Even if you're only interested in iOS development, you should still review Parts 1 and 2.

Copyright 2011-2012 by Phil Hess.

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Last revised April 15, 2012.