Setting Up
Creating a New Project
Adding UI (Outlets and Actions)


These are preliminary notes on some new tools for creating Objective Pascal projects for Xcode.

Setting Up

  1. Free Pascal compiler

    Install version 3.0.0 or later.

  2. ProjectXC source code

  3. Compile makeproj.pas

    fpc makeproj

Creating a New Project

Run makeproj, specifying a template to use and the name of the project to create. For example, to create an OS X project:

./makeproj osx-simple ~/MyProjects/test1

Change ~/MyProjects to point to an existing folder where you want the test1 project folder to be created.

Now open test1.xcodeproj in Xcode and choose Product | Run to compile and run it.

Adding the UI (Outlets and Actions)

An OS X project created based on the osx-simple template is:

  1. Simple, not document-based
  2. Uses a storyboard for UI design, not a xib file
  3. Does not use Core Data
  4. Includes "dummy" Objective C files that are only used for designing the user interface.
As an example, here's how to add a button to a new project based on the osx-simple template:

[Image] goes here

Copyright 2015-2016 by Phil Hess.

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First posted Oct. 25, 2015; last edited Nov. 20, 2016.